Help Musicians UK is leading a campaign to find solutions to mental health issues in the music industry.

THe Campaign

Music And Depression aims to break down stigma and start conversations for the first time within the sector about depression and other conditions linked  to mental and emotional wellbeing.

The charity has seen a rise in the number of calls and applications from musicians with mental health problems and is seeking to understand and quantify their significance.

The Music and Depression concept came from songwriter, artist and entrepreneur, Scott Quinn, who works closely with successful YouTube channel, Ont' Sofa. He approached the charity with the idea to quash the stigma around mental health and open up a conversation to tackle the topic head on. He will be a key figurehead and spokesperson for the campaign. 

Although we have used a controversial campaign name, we are not just looking for headlines and conversation starters as this is only the first phase of the campaign. We are committed to finding solutions through the commissioning of ‘Can Music Make You Sick?’ - the first academic study on the incidence of mental health and musicians.

We hope this will lead to the launch of a nationwide service in late-2017 which will be shaped and defined by listening to musicians and those working in music.

As the UK’s leading independent music charity with a long standing reputation in providing tailored help and support for musicians, Help Musicians is uniquely placed to deliver this campaign.


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